Virginia Slachman, MSW, PH.D.

Authentic Empowerment

In her private one-on-one coaching practice, in Stride—her equine-assisted coaching program—, and in her professional talks and workshops, Virginia’s purpose is to help you discover and actualize your authentic self and create a successful and fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. A life that’s defined by you. 

About Virginia

Virginia is, at her core, a creative person—a writer, a creative coach, a lover of racehorses.

After many years as a freelance writer, Virginia earned her MSW, becoming a therapist with psychoanalytic, group, and family training. She worked with business people, adolescents and their families, and women—the latter in a private practice treating adult women of childhood abuse.

She noticed how closely connected language was to internal blocks in her clients—phrases like “I can’t,” “I don’t know,” or “I’ll try,” became red flags in treatment. She noticed, too, how closely these were tied to emotions out of clients’ awareness, and how closely both often stemmed from unproductive and unconscious messages and beliefs from the earliest years of life.

This led to her unique treatment system to uncover and work through those blocks and unconscious thoughts, messages, feelings, and values, resulting in clients’ freedom, focused awareness of self, and the ability to create a productive path forward.

After earning her Ph.D. and launching a successful writing and university teaching career, Virginia became a certified Equine-Assisted practitioner and member of EAGALA. She went on to found and remains the president of Stride—a coaching business using equines to facilitate personal and professional growth and change.

As she’s fond of saying, “The world has great need of you—your honesty, dignity, authenticity . . . your elevated vision and creative solutions to the world’s pressing needs.”

There’s no time like the present to begin your journey. Contact her below to find out more.

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