A journey to Empowered Leadership & Radical Partnership

Studies show authenticity is positively correlated with health, improved job performance, satisfaction, and success. So it’s essential, not incidental, to accomplishment, and ultimately to profitability.

Authenticity is literally the basic building block to your success—as a person and as a professional.

Our aim is to get you there.

Once this is achieved, we help you cultivate what we term “Radical Partnerships.” It’s how your authenticity inextricably combines with empowering others. This we define as authentic leadership.

Through somatic work, examining beliefs, messages, values, and habits, improving your Emotional Intelligence IQ, and developing Self-Efficacy, we help you actualize your authentic potential.




Powerful partners in learning how to be your best self

Why use horses?

Because they’re prey animals, they’ve developed a heightened awareness and can instantly detect incongruencies in their  environment—it’s how they’ve survived.

They’re immediately aware when we enter their space feeling and thinking one way, but outwardly acting another. We’re presenting an “incongruent” self and the horses sense that immediately, providing instant feedback we can then bring to light in our debriefing coaching sessions.

The process results in congruent, authentic empowerment and leaders others gravitate to and trust.



Keynotes, educational presentations, or small group interactive workshops

We offer keynote addresses and talks for professional, educational, and specialized groups. Our talks vary in length, depending on client needs, and can include a few workshop exercises that offer listeners a chance to begin their journey to authenticity.

We also offer talks with a more robust coaching component as well as talks that utilize client’s internal data and information.

We’re happy to design a proprietary keynote or address for your audience on a topic of your selection; contact us for more information.

Our professional addresses change frequently, so please make a point to check back often.

It’s Time. Begin Building Your Authentic Life & Leadership.

Drop us a question or request services. We’ll get right back to you and together, we’ll begin your journey to a more authentically empowered life.
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