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We offer keynote addresses and talks for professional, educational, and specialized groups. Our presentations can be customized for content and length, depending on client needs, and can include workshop exercises that offer listeners a chance to begin their journey to authenticity.

Our offerings include:

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You can’t lead effectively until you learn to lead yourself. For us, that starts with increasing your Emotional Intelligence IQ and building Self-Efficacy.

This involves becoming self-aware, exercising empathy, being self-regulating and able to manage relationships.

Let us help you become a confident, centered leader who will attract the best people to you, and be identified by others as the leader they want to follow. You’ll then get buy-in from others, hard work, and a commitment to succeed.

The result? You’ll be effective in leading change. 

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It’s essential to do away with the top-down, isolating, rigid business model delivered to us from the last century. Businesses today are increasingly boundaryless, decentralized, and team-oriented.

How you lead needs to adjust to that.

The most profitable leadership derives from your authenticity and the resulting empowerment you engender in others, whether that’s your team, your supervisor, your sales prospect, your client, your potential business partner, your banker . . . the list is endless. Find out how this authentic empowerment works, and why it’s so profitable.

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Women face unique challenges in our world; cultural impositions and expectations don’t make an authentic path forward an easy one. But there is a way to prevail, and a reason to do it now. Living out from your authentic self is nothing short of imperative—for your own life and for the women whose lives you’ll touch and those you’ll inspire.

As well, studies in the business world show that companies with a higher percentage of women leaders are more profitable.

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The professional world has become more and more oriented toward team performance and partnerships. To succeed, we need a different paradigm, one that doesn’t control others but empowers them. Find out why, and how to do that.

We call this process building “Radical Partnerships.” And this kind of partnership is empowerment.

The type of success is equally available in your personal life. If you hope to have sustainable, successful personal relationships, learning how to form Radical Partnerships will get you there. You’ll reap the dividends in mutually fulfilling relationships


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Only five to seven percent of our communication is verbal. The rest—95%-97%—occurs in what we don’t say. In our body language.

Because of that, it’s imperative to avoid sending “incongruent” messages, ones that don’t convey what you mean.

To overcome this, you must first be in touch with your authentic self—you can’t know what you genuinely desire to say unless you’re in touch with your genuine self. Then, speaking and acting from there, you’ll communicate clearly and intentionally.

Bottom line? Incongruity in yourself means you won’t be listened to or respected.

Find out how to communicate with “congruence,” and so express your authentic power in all you say.

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