Building Your Authentic Future


Authenticity: We’ll Get You There.

Studies show authenticity is positively correlated with health, improved job performance, satisfaction, and success. So it’s essential, not incidental, to accomplishment, and ultimately to profitability.

Authenticity is literally the basic building block to your success—as a person and as a professional.

Our aim is to get you there.

Once this is achieved, we help you cultivate what we term “Radical Partnerships.” It’s how your authenticity inextricably combines with empowering others. This we define as authentic leadership.

Through somatic work, examining beliefs, messages, values, and habits, improving your Emotional Intelligence IQ, and developing Self-Efficacy, we help you actualize your authentic potential.



In your professional life authenticity results in:

  • Maximizing your performance as a leader.
  • Improving creative problem-solving skills.
  • Creating an innovative personal and professional environment.
  • Identifying ways to maximize team performance.
  • Promoting and facilitating successful change.
  • Revealing personal and organizational barriers to communication.
  • Gaining insight into group dynamics and putting into practice effective self- and other-management skills.
  • Examining cultural expectations and how they impact results.
  • Providing a motivational learning environment.
  • Gaining buy-in from others, facilitating outcome accountability.






    In your personal life, authenticity results in:

    • Clarifying goals.
    • Identifying challenges and obstacles that prevent goal achievement.
    • Identifying and taking steps to achieve goals.
    • Improving interpersonal skills.
    • Developing strategies for clear communication.
    • Improving self-management skills.
    • Identifying beliefs, values, and messages that promote success and those that hinder it.
    • Actualizing the power to define core values and messages.
    • Facilitating self-esteem and self-efficacy.




        Back to Basics

        LEADERSHIP: Express It

        In order to lead others, you first have to lead yourself.

        What does that mean? 

        There’s resistance—both from our culture and internally, derived from those often hidden beliefs about ourselves—to being authentic. We’ll help you identify and knock down the blocks.

        Leading is a skill you’ll learn to exercise yourself, but it does take practice. And some help along the way.

        That’s where we come in. We offer one-on-one coaching as well as group workshops and talks on authentic empowerment. 

        All of these are designed to help you explore and then express your unique leadership style.


        Back to Basics

        LEADERSHIP: Nourish It

        Authenticity must be discovered, cultivated, and nourished.

        Authentic Empowerment is a reciprocal enterprise. The more you live from the centered place we help you rediscover, the more you’re empowered.

        But in order to live authentically, you need to consistently empower that self. That takes focus and commitment.

        Authenticity, in other words, isn’t a one-time event. It takes persistent insistence to be in touch with yourself and live out from that.

        You’ll get used to leading yourself. And then you won’t settle for living any other way.



        WHAT’S SO NEW? 

        THE REAL YOU.

        Lots of people talk about leadership these days. Just as many speak about authenticity. Our vision is unique.

        The Self beneath the Self.

        We’re all born with an authentic self. It’s there inside you, below the surface of the “acculturated” self—whole and healthy, just waiting to be realized. We help you reclaim that self.

        Our difference?

        We don’t take a “psychopathological” approach to authenticity. We’re not here to repair you.

        Why? Because you’re not broken.

        Your congruent self is intact and ready to be actualized. We help you peel away the layers of unproductive messages and values to uncover and activate it.



        The New Leadership Paradigm

        Once you’ve achieved a consistent, congruent self, you’ll be able to assume a new form of leadership—“Radical Partnership.” It’s a partnership that profits everyone involved.

        Our Keys to Change
        Getting to your authentic self starts with our “Keys to Change”: uncovering, examining, and making decisions about often unconscious beliefs, values, habits, and messages.

        So often, these catalysts for our speech and actions keep us from our authentic selves by giving rise to actions that are reactive rather than responsive. The results are outcomes that are less successful than we’d hoped for.

        That’s why we begin the journey at the base level, uncovering and challenging the unproductive impulses that shape our lives, but that are most often out of our awareness. 

        We examine them, then help you create a pathway back to authenticity. From there, you’ll be invested in empowering others through Radical Parternships that result in profitable outcomes for all.



        BE REAL


        Living an inauthentic life stems from incongruity. It’s the ways we deflect from our own authenticity without realizing it.

        For example, let’s take communication. Others understand the message we convey this way: 5-7% of the message is conveyed in what we say, 95%-97%  is conveyed in how we say it—our body language.

        Our coaching work exposes the incongruity between speech and body language, allowing clients to work through the blocks to “congruence” and access the authentic self.

        Then clients try out healthier, more clear ways of communicating and being—all from a foundation rooted, not in outmoded and unproductive beliefs, messages, habits, and values, but ones that stem from choices authentically made.

        That’s our core mission–to reconnect you with yourself. We’ll help you come to a place where you know, trust, and live out from that self. A place from which you’ll be able to lead effectively and profitably.


        THE PAYOFF


        From a place of “Authentic Congruency”:

        You’ll make good decisions.

        You’ll attract others.

        You’ll be trusted by others.

        You’ll be identified as a leader.

        You’ll be listened to and taken seriously.

        Your team will succeed.

        Your performance will succeed.

        You will succeed.


        It’s Time. Begin Building Your Authentic Life & Leadership.

        Drop us a question or request services. We’ll get right back to you and together, we’ll begin your journey to a more authentically empowered life.
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