authenticity is foundational

Empowered Leadership & Radical Partnership

The business and personal worlds have changed dramatically from the top-down, isolating, harsh structures visited upon us from the 20th century.

To effectively lead today, a major shift must occur–from controlling others to empowering them.  We term this new leadership paradigm ”Radical Partnership” and learning to lead from your authentic self is one of the prerequisites.

The results are profitable, whether you measure that in your professional or personal life.


How it works

The way back to yourself is a journey to congruency. You’ll learn what that means and why it’s essential to your ultimate success as a leader.

It’s a journey we take with you and one we take seriously. 

Workshops & Presentations

Custom designed presentations for professional, educational, and specialized groups. Offerings range from keynote addresses to workshops and group coaching engagements.

Consulting & Coaching

Helping you locate, actualize, and live out from your authentic self, improve your Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy Quotient, and discover your authentic, empowered leadership style. 


Equine-Assisted Coaching

Experiential workshops using horses as co-facilitators in effecting the same developmental changes we achieve in our non-equine coaching. This results in congruent, authentic leaders others gravitate to and trust.

Virginia slachman, msw, ph.d – founder and principal

Consultant, Coach, Writer, Horsewoman

Virginia’s background as a therapist, college professor, writer (publishing multiple white papers, novels, freelance articles, and collections of poetry), as well as her work with ex-racehorses and certification as a Equine-Assisted practitioner have given her a deep understanding of how humans interact with each other and their environment. She understands that effective interaction is based on clients’ self-efficacy and ability to show up authentically.

Her primary focus today is using a combination of somatic and traditional coaching to help leaders, especially women, connect with their authentic selves and develop their ability to lead from that place.

Research Based

Leveraging Multiple Methodologies

The work she does draws from academic research in the areas of medicine, psychology, sociology, neurology, and business. But the way she and her team approach that work and deliver services is equally informed by years of experience and observation.

Coaching options

Leadership coaching

Let's work together to reveal your greatest strengths and empower you to lead with confidence.

for leaders and teams

Equine Assisted Coaching

Let these incredible animals guide you into Radical Partnership & Authentic Leadership

for groups and individuals


“Virginia is a great teacher and facilitator. I gained new perspectives about different approaches to problem solving I can put into practice. It was also great to participate in and learn about the process of team building. I gained needed insights and the experience is one highly relevant to making changes in my team environment.”

Steve Wagner

“I value how authentic and credible this program is. It is not at all judgement-based. I gained cumulative insights and made connections that will impact the way I approach all relationships – professional and personal.

Most of all I value how Virginia leads the group with deep respect and value for every individual. “


Dixie Gillaspie

“Working with horses helped me understand how I can work with people. I learned how important it is to meet people where they are—we can’t force ideas on them. But understanding people’s values and feelings will help me help them to their better selves. I certainly recommend this experience to others!”

Anne Penrose

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